How I’d like to be a Google Doodler some day..

12 May

After an awkward post début about lizards being creepy, I’d like to get to less weird topics.
This post is inspired by the amazing Google Doodle Animation for Martha Graham’s 117th birthday by Ryan Woodward. If you haven’t seen it/missed it, please do check it out (the YouTube* video right below. Yep, that one.) and there will be one less regret in your life. 😛

Google Doodles.

Which netizen hasn’t heard of them? Who hasn’t seen them? Who hasn’t stopped to appreciate them and then admire how awesome Google is? (If your answer to those questions is by some wild chance ‘me’, please take a moment to check them out.) Certainly not me. Every time I see the next Google Doodle, I wish I could have one of my own up there some day.

Working with Google, for Google, whatever it is, has sort of become my dream since.. well, that’s unimportant. Anyway, I’ve wanted to do computer/electronics engineering since I was ten… I wasn’t specific about the engineering part, of course, but definitely something to do with technology. Technology, of course is very vast term, in today’s world … but well, let’s just remember I was ten. 😛
Halfway through my fourteenth year though, the engineering narrowed down to Google, and that’s the dream. But even thinking of trying to make the dream come true ..requires a lot of hard work. So obviously, my mind does what it does. It wavers.
And believe it or not, that’s where Google Doodles come in.

It is that particular thing about Google, that magnifies my attraction to it. I realize, the day I get (if I do) a Google Doodle up there (on the Google Homepage, I mean), I would, without doubt, be the happiest person in the Universe.

The worst part is though, there’s a Doodle 4 Google contest, where we can try to get one of our Doodles up there, but that’s open only for U.S Residents. I’m not one ..and that’s why it’d be such a big thing for me. I mean, It’s a well-known law of Universe, the more unreachable something is, the more you want it. So, yeah.

That’s the first step, of course.. If I do, then maybe I’d think about really wanting joining the Doodle Team. Life would be super awesome.

Oh. Yes, At Google, doodling is real work, for people who think otherwise.

In Harry Potter terms (because of course a Harry Potter reference has to be made), as one of the admins on a Facebook page described it:
What would be equivalent to being on a Chocolate Frog Card? – I’d say, getting a Google Doodle.
I have to say, I agree wholeheartedly. 🙂

(On a slightly unrelated note, I really wish they’d create a Google Doodle for Harry Potter. I mean, it is one of the best things that has ever happened to the world.)

(*YouTube = another thing that tells us how awesome Google Inc. is.) 8)

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