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Life without (my) Cell Phone.

So I decided to challenge myself. (Yes, I feel like I’m doing that a lot these days.) I want to see how long I can survive/live/be without my cell phone (brag alert: which, interestingly (or not) is an HTC. ♥ ..My point, you ask? My point is that it’s not just a cell-phone!) with me.

Yes, I'm that obsessed.

We constantly hear statements like “I cannot live without my cell!” or “I’ll die without my cell, seriously” and some also go as far as dramatic ones like “without my cell, I can survive, but not live. But can’t we, really? Can we really not live without our cell phones? That’s what I want to see.
I got the idea from a friend who did the same a few days back (and he’s one of the most gadget-loving/electronic-loving person I may have come across). He survived without it for ten days. I feel like, if he can do it.. so can I.

So, my aim is ten days, at the least.
It’s 27th of July today.. so I need to live without it till (27th, 28th, 29th, 30th, 31st, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th.. yeah.) fifth of August. No, I did not write that tedious day count to increase my word count. It was an emphasis on how important each day is. 😛

If you’re a (normal, typical, stereotyped) teenager/cell-phone addict, you can probably understand how hard this seems. If you’re one of the people who rarely use their phones except for their actual purpose (which is – calling people), then you probably won’t be able to understand what the big deal about this, is.

Although today passed without me thinking much about my cell phone (yes, I’m surprised too. And hopefully nobody will counter my statement by telling me I’m blogging about it, and so I can’t say I didn’t think about it much :|), I doubt it’ll be this way for the next ten days as well. But, a girl’s gotta try, and so she will. 8)

When I told my friends about this.. ‘experiment’ of mine, these were the various (although not varying) reactions I got:

“Ten days?! Why would you even do that? :O”
“:O’s voluntarily? I mean, you’re doing this on your will? :O whoa..”
“You’ll die!”

Yes, that’s basically how today’s “youth” (and excuse me if I sounding like an batty old woman whose aim in life is to criticize ‘today’s world’ and ‘generations-next’) reacts to the prospect of living without their cell phones for some period of time.
Don’t get me wrong. Not each one of us is the kind of teen who’s constantly glued to his phone and has eyes or ears for nothing else; but it’s just this thing.. we’re so used to having it with us, it just seems weird.. and I daresay, we feel incomplete without it.

And to be honest, we are quite justified in loving our cell phones.

When I think about what all I don’t have if I don’t have my cell phone, it actually makes me go.. :O

5. Camera – Even though I’m not that much of a photographer (at least, with a cell), the camera is pretty handy in situations like “Oh! Look at that! Quick! Take a picture!” ..and such.

4. Gaming – Not that I’m a hardcore gamer or anything but having an (brag alert) Android obviously makes me waste quite sometime on games and fun. There used be separate PlayStation’s (and etc.) for gaming, if I remember correctly. 😛 

3. Calculator – Having taken Science as my stream, I need a calculator quite often. Everyday, actually. Yes, one would think we would have a separate properly functioning calculator at our home, but turns out we don’t. 😐

2. Music – Oh, My, God. Music. I don’t own an iPod, so yeah, my cell phone’s my only source of music.. apart from my guitar. Since my guitar strings were broken, I had to go and get new ones today, so that I can substitute music in some form.. but then I realized I don’t know how to change guitar strings (yes, it is something I should know, but I don’t). So yes, that’s definitely something I’m going to miss, unless I try digging for my MP4 player somewhere in the depths of my cupboards.

1. Texting – Last but definitely not the least (is that line too clichéd? :P), texting is what I use my phone most for. Even though I’m not a big fan of texting, and prefer calling and talking to people more, texting is definitely convenient for short messages you want to convey.. (which do turn into long conversations quite some times, yes. Guilty as charged.)

Bottom line? I will miss my cell phone. Hopefully not as much to make me give up on this ‘challenge’. 8)


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‘Planets’: How many words can you make from that?

So my sister was reading The Da Vinci Code yesterday, and all of a sudden she comes to me and says: Did you know 92 different words can be made from the word Planets?
I have read the book myself (of course), and didn’t remember reading any such thing, or paying attention to it. Yes, that does make me feel like schmuck. Somebody says ninety-two words can be made from a single, seven letter word, and I do not pay attention to it? Something must have been awfully wrong. 😐

This time however, I was feeling right, so I immediately took up the challenge.

All I need is an excuse to mention anything related to him.

Or in the words of the wise Barney Stinson, (the) challenge (was) accepted. 😀

I reached to about 80-84 pretty easily with a little help from my sister, but that’s when I got stuck. Because it’s not the first 80 words that are the challenge, it’s the last 10 words that are.

But it’s possible. With a little help from a Thesaurus, and little from Google (of course :P), I/we finally reached to the magic number 92. It took us about two hours, I suppose.
We counted ‘planet’ as a word though. o_O
I have to hand it to Dan Brown though, if he thought of this himself.. we’ve played this game so many times, but never thought the word Planet could give us so many words. It really is an awesome word.

Some of you will probably think I have way too much time on my hands (which, trust me, I do not. It was a mere push-&-challenge-yourself-and-enjoy kind of activity), but many of you might be interested in trying it out yourself.
Some of you might have tried it already. If you’re one of the ones who’ve tried.. did you succeed? How much time did it take you?

Try it out peeps, it’s fun. 8)


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Amazon, eBooks, and the demise of Borders and bookshop culture (via MaggieCakes)

The books vs. e-books debate, people. (Not exactly a debate, but whatever.)
Lovely post, short and precise. A FreshlyPressed one, so most of you might’ve come across it, but still, check it out if you missed it..

On second thoughts, check out the whole blog if you like reading stuff about Internet and Technology in a normal language.. 😛
It’s awesome. 🙂

Amazon, eBooks, and the demise of Borders and bookshop culture The era of the big box bookstore is coming to an end and I, for one, am saddened by this.  Yes, I know they were big, bad corporate giants that came in and destroyed neighborhood bookstores and coffee shops, ending third places and stifling locally-owned businesses in many communities.  All that’s true – and awful. But at this point, the closing of your local Borders isn’t likely to mean that a locally-owned bookstore is going to spring up in its … Read More

via MaggieCakes


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The end of Harry Potter? Not quite.

The wait ended today morning.
I finally watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.

‘Finally’, because being a die-hard Harry Potter fan, I had hoped to watch it on the release day itself, but couldn’t because of a few reasons.. 😦

Anyway, I obviously loved the movie, which I knew I would.. even though they deviated from the story-line quite a bit.
(I mean Neville and Luna.. Seriously? And a Harry-Tom face-fight.. or whatever it was, really? And the ultimate “what the –!?” moment was when Harry broke The Elder Wand.)
But all’s forgiven, because ..well, it’s Harry Potter. Also, I doubt they can ever make a movie which would be flawless for all the HP literature fans. (Many fans I know liked the new version, as they call it, better. So, yeah.)
We can’t complain forever. It’s probably time we like the movie for the movie.. without any comparisons with the book.

It’s the end of an .. era, as they say. And then they say that that it’s not really over. ‘It’ll live in our hearts even after it’s over’ and all such sentimental things the fans say.

Well, we can’t deny what’s in front of us. Technically, it is over. But well, it’s not vanishing anytime soon. What with Pottermore and everything, the Harry Potter craze is not going to die out anytime in this century, at the least.

For me, well, I still have to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter; meet J.K. Rowling and the HP cast, buy a lot of HP merchandise as soon as I start earning my own money; and read the books and watch the movies about a thousand times more.  8) ❤

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To ‘Like’ or to ‘+1’? That’s The Question.

So I found a topic to post about. It’s been all over and all around the internet and newspapers… the launch of Google Plus – and if it’s the end of Facebook.
But this post isn’t the technical debate of how which one’s better. This is about what goes on through a normal person’s mind with so many new things to check out and be excited about, or well, at least what goes on through mine. 😛

A few weeks before G+ was launched, all of us saw these +1 buttons beside Google links and blog pots and videos and everything else that can be.. well, Liked.

So.. ‘Like’ and ‘+1’, both sit side by side.

Yes, by ‘Like’, I do refer to the Facebook button adored by netizens.
The ‘Like’ button had changed everything about the internet. People could show their appreciation without posting ‘nice one’s and ‘I laaaaike this!’s and similar stuff over and over. The button that shortened comment threads manifold. The button that also spread quite a bit of anger since Facebook never introduced its counterpart (the Dislike button) even after numerous petitions and protests. A button that could actually almost measure a thing’s popularity. A button that gave support to people trying to make points and arguments.
But most of all, a button that made Facebook completely unique.
A button that everyone, well, Liked, to say the least. 8)

(No, I do not own the Like button and am gaining no money by this. :|)

Anyway, now Google decides to come up with its own world changing button, and thus we get the +1. Needless to say, not a very unique idea (No offence, sorry Google), but obviously not something that’ll just disappear like, say.. Buzz did.

Because +1 will be present at one place where Like never even bothered to go. Google search pages. Think about it. One place where +1’s might actually be helpful once people start using them.
And once people start using them, they would obviously be more comfortable with +1 instead of Like at other places too.

But the truth of the matter is, Like is ruling the appreciation kingdom right now. +1 can’t take over just like that.

Die-hard Google fans will switch to +1’ing without a debate.
Normal people who don’t give a damn (excuse me) will continue with liking posts.
People in a confused state (people like me) will end up either clicking both, or.. I don’t know.

In a way, it all comes down to whether Facebook’s going to die out with Google Plus, or whether Google Plus will not be a success, or whether both will co-exist.
‘Cause Facebook doesn’t have +1s. And Google Plus doesn’t have Likes.

If both co-exist … well, all I can say is that the confused people will still remain confused. 😦


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