To ‘Like’ or to ‘+1’? That’s The Question.

12 Jul

So I found a topic to post about. It’s been all over and all around the internet and newspapers… the launch of Google Plus – and if it’s the end of Facebook.
But this post isn’t the technical debate of how which one’s better. This is about what goes on through a normal person’s mind with so many new things to check out and be excited about, or well, at least what goes on through mine. 😛

A few weeks before G+ was launched, all of us saw these +1 buttons beside Google links and blog pots and videos and everything else that can be.. well, Liked.

So.. ‘Like’ and ‘+1’, both sit side by side.

Yes, by ‘Like’, I do refer to the Facebook button adored by netizens.
The ‘Like’ button had changed everything about the internet. People could show their appreciation without posting ‘nice one’s and ‘I laaaaike this!’s and similar stuff over and over. The button that shortened comment threads manifold. The button that also spread quite a bit of anger since Facebook never introduced its counterpart (the Dislike button) even after numerous petitions and protests. A button that could actually almost measure a thing’s popularity. A button that gave support to people trying to make points and arguments.
But most of all, a button that made Facebook completely unique.
A button that everyone, well, Liked, to say the least. 8)

(No, I do not own the Like button and am gaining no money by this. :|)

Anyway, now Google decides to come up with its own world changing button, and thus we get the +1. Needless to say, not a very unique idea (No offence, sorry Google), but obviously not something that’ll just disappear like, say.. Buzz did.

Because +1 will be present at one place where Like never even bothered to go. Google search pages. Think about it. One place where +1’s might actually be helpful once people start using them.
And once people start using them, they would obviously be more comfortable with +1 instead of Like at other places too.

But the truth of the matter is, Like is ruling the appreciation kingdom right now. +1 can’t take over just like that.

Die-hard Google fans will switch to +1’ing without a debate.
Normal people who don’t give a damn (excuse me) will continue with liking posts.
People in a confused state (people like me) will end up either clicking both, or.. I don’t know.

In a way, it all comes down to whether Facebook’s going to die out with Google Plus, or whether Google Plus will not be a success, or whether both will co-exist.
‘Cause Facebook doesn’t have +1s. And Google Plus doesn’t have Likes.

If both co-exist … well, all I can say is that the confused people will still remain confused. 😦


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2 responses to “To ‘Like’ or to ‘+1’? That’s The Question.

  1. sinthanai saaral - drizzling thoughts

    July 19, 2011 at 4:02 pm

    i am more confused now. :p . but nice . keep writing

    • Mallika :)

      July 19, 2011 at 9:36 pm

      Haha, well .. relieved to know even other people can be that confused.. 😛
      Thanks.. I will. 🙂


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