Amazon, eBooks, and the demise of Borders and bookshop culture (via MaggieCakes)

20 Jul

The books vs. e-books debate, people. (Not exactly a debate, but whatever.)
Lovely post, short and precise. A FreshlyPressed one, so most of you might’ve come across it, but still, check it out if you missed it..

On second thoughts, check out the whole blog if you like reading stuff about Internet and Technology in a normal language.. 😛
It’s awesome. 🙂

Amazon, eBooks, and the demise of Borders and bookshop culture The era of the big box bookstore is coming to an end and I, for one, am saddened by this.  Yes, I know they were big, bad corporate giants that came in and destroyed neighborhood bookstores and coffee shops, ending third places and stifling locally-owned businesses in many communities.  All that’s true – and awful. But at this point, the closing of your local Borders isn’t likely to mean that a locally-owned bookstore is going to spring up in its … Read More

via MaggieCakes


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3 responses to “Amazon, eBooks, and the demise of Borders and bookshop culture (via MaggieCakes)

  1. Varsha

    August 5, 2011 at 5:29 pm

    I think it was brilliant, just puts a reader’s thoughts into words. The concept of e-books though modern and popular does not sound inviting to me. The difference is the kind of feeling you get when you read from a book,its not the same with an e-book! I believe a writer leaves a part of him/her in the book written which wouldn’t be available online.

    • Mallika :)

      August 5, 2011 at 11:20 pm

      Exactly. I have a Kindle, and I don’t use it.. which surprised my own self too. E-books, however useful and awesome they maybe.. can never beat normal books. Ah totally.


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