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I am in love.. with minimalist art.

Okay. So I’ve been trying a little of Photoshop and stuff. Well, just Photoshop. Summer hobby. Like the title says, I love the whole concept of minimalism. It’s just so.. neat. Little hard work, and amazing results.

Of the thousand uses of Photoshop, I’ve been using it for posters. But the thing with minimalist posters is that they still need more to them than just shapes and beautiful text; they need artistic backgrounds. Because posters need to be attractive. And let’s face it, regardless of how clean plain shapes and text look, they do need textures and artsy stuff to be really attractive.
So with my mom’s birthday coming up, I decided to give greeting cards a hand. Aaaaand, I finally made something I’m really proud of. The front cover of one. I love how there’s just one filter I know about, and I keep using it everywhere. It’s just so amazing. It’s subtle, and yet not insignificant. (It’s the Render->Clouds filter, with opacity decreased, if anyone wants to know. Also amazing – different colour and opacity combinations make for amazing looks.) Anyway, here’s the product. 😀




Happy 24th May, everyone! 😀 Ah, I’m happy tonight.

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It’s funny how the desire to stick by one’s own decisions is seen as being stubborn. There’s this rule I really like following: You’re the only one responsible for your actions. But that rule creates several problems:

  • I’m not easy to convince.
  • Guilt generated within me if I continuously keep saying no.
  • Frustration/hurt/anger generated in others because I continuously keep saying no.

It’s just that if I think I’m not supposed to do something, I don’t want to cave in to others’ persuasions, because more often than not I’m going to regret doing that, and then I’m going to blame the other person. I never want to say “You made me do it” or “This is all your fault”.

I guess it stems from the Golden Rule that says Do Unto You As Others Would Have Them Do Unto You.
There’s a fine line between “I did it for you” and “I did it because of you” and I’m the kind of person who’d really loathe being on the receiving end of the latter. Hence, I’d feel really guilty putting someone else on the receiving end of that as well. If the persuasion makes me do something that I don’t regret, they’d receive the happiness of knowing they’re special and can make me do stuff for them, but like I said, more often than not – that does not happen, so why take the risk?

Today, I was finally able to explain this reasoning to a friend. He seemed to understand and agreed to not force me from now on. So that’s it, a suppose. I short justification of why I never want to listen to others. 😛

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The way I’m feeling.

I’ve been listening to Kawehi’s cover of Micheal Jackson’s “The Way You Make Me Feel” since about four hours. Needless to say, it is extraordinary. Brilliant, more like. Today morning I was done with one of the most burdensome thing of the last month (a group project carrying half the marks of a subject). What amazes me is how happy I am right now. I’m not a generally bubbly kind of a person and yet, right now – I can’t sit still. I want to clap along Pharrell Williams. Another great song.

Anyway, It’s a pretty good feeling. And that’s pretty much what this post is about. I’m happy, and I want to tell that to the world. 

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