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The name says it all. <3

The end of Harry Potter? Not quite.

The wait ended today morning.
I finally watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.

‘Finally’, because being a die-hard Harry Potter fan, I had hoped to watch it on the release day itself, but couldn’t because of a few reasons.. 😦

Anyway, I obviously loved the movie, which I knew I would.. even though they deviated from the story-line quite a bit.
(I mean Neville and Luna.. Seriously? And a Harry-Tom face-fight.. or whatever it was, really? And the ultimate “what the –!?” moment was when Harry broke The Elder Wand.)
But all’s forgiven, because ..well, it’s Harry Potter. Also, I doubt they can ever make a movie which would be flawless for all the HP literature fans. (Many fans I know liked the new version, as they call it, better. So, yeah.)
We can’t complain forever. It’s probably time we like the movie for the movie.. without any comparisons with the book.

It’s the end of an .. era, as they say. And then they say that that it’s not really over. ‘It’ll live in our hearts even after it’s over’ and all such sentimental things the fans say.

Well, we can’t deny what’s in front of us. Technically, it is over. But well, it’s not vanishing anytime soon. What with Pottermore and everything, the Harry Potter craze is not going to die out anytime in this century, at the least.

For me, well, I still have to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter; meet J.K. Rowling and the HP cast, buy a lot of HP merchandise as soon as I start earning my own money; and read the books and watch the movies about a thousand times more.  8) ❤

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