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The same old, Nostalgia.

We use the word nostalgia often.
I assume we all know the meaning, but for the benefit for those who don’t: a sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past.

It’s weird how it crops up at the most random times.
It’s been three months since I’ve arrived here (here being this college in another city). I was having a perfectly nice day, none of that missingmypast/missingmyoldfriends/missinghome et cetera. Attended class till 5, played a basketball match till 7 (not that you asked, but we lost. :|), had amazingly inexpensive yet delicious coffee, went for dinner, came back and had an awesome time playing kiddie games. All in all, one of the better days of the past few weeks. After another cup of coffee, I finally came up to my room. Waiting for my phone to charge, I logged in on Facebook and started scrolling aimlessly (as all of us do). Facebook, being the evil hypnotic monster it is, made me stalk random profiles. Okay, not random per se: few of my close friends’. And looking at these photos, I re-re-re-(^a large number I don’t exactly know)-realized how everyone’s settled into their new lives. And it’s not that I miss a friend who I’d been with my 12th grade or something. I mean, it’s been five years since we’ve not been in the same class. So, her “settling into her new life” with respect to me had taken place five years back. But, this is how nostalgia works. It isn’t logical, rational, or reasonable. It’s random. And unpredictable.

I’m not sad though, fortunately. Usually nostalgia leaves me in a slightly gray mood, but not tonight. Tonight I’m ready to take over the world. 😎

I wonder if I should make this post a dedication.

Um, okay. I miss you, Aashna Gandhi.
(I’m not telling you about this post, though. If you never find it, well and good; if you do stumble upon it someday, ah well.)

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